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Join our network of just single parents in Wakefield who are looking to meet other single parents near them. Getting back into dating again as a single parent doesn't have to be daunting. There are lots of single mums and singles dads in Wakefield and across the UK looking to find love again with the help of dating sites like us for just single parents.

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At Dating After Kids, we want all single parents who join our dating site to have a positive dating experience. That's why our members can sign up to our dating site without charge first and have a look around online for local single mums and dads in Wakefield. Our team of moderators also ensure that only genuine UK single parents join our site. There's a wide range of features online to help you find single parents in Wakefield, and get communicating safely and securely.

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Dating sites for single parents are a great way for single mums and dads to get back out there and connect with likeminded local single parents at a time that's convenient to them. For single parents, spare time is precious and it's easy to overlook your own needs. That's why dating sites for just single parents gives everyone the opportunity to make those first connections without the need for babysitters. If you haven't yet started online dating again, is it time you tried?

Dating Advice for Single Parents

When you have children, it's very easy to put yourself last. With little spare time, it's easy to forget about your own needs. But it's important to look after yourself as a single parent, and when you're ready, finding a partner is an important aspect of life. Here are just a few dating tips for parents who are venturing back into dating again.

Choose the Right Time

There is no right time for dating, whether it's been 3 months or 3 years. Only you can really tell when you're ready. Sometimes it's best to first ask yourself why are you looking to start dating again. If it's to get out of the house more or feel wanted, these gaps might be better filled with other things like nights out with friends or taking up a new activity. Before you start dating again, make sure you're ready to start that journey and think about what you're looking for.

Be Open and Honest

Dating is hard enough these days, but dating as a single parent adds another dimension to your journey. The most sensible approach is to be truthful to yourself about what you're looking for, and open in your communications with potential partners. Single mums and dads who are looking to find a partner again are all in similar situations, so honesty and openess will go a long way to helping you find the right match for you and your family.

Be Confident

Becoming a single parent can knock the stuffing out of the best of us. But there are two important things to remember. We can't always be in control of what happens in life, and there are many others going through the same thing. Don't let what happened in the past cloud your future, and have confidence in yourself.

Take Your Time

Forming new relationships shouldn't be rushed, so take your time and really get to know each other first. Remember that you are not trying to fill a void, so concentrate on building a good relationship first. The children don't need to be involved until you have given enough of your time with your new date to know that it's going somewhere.


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